• Upload and manage your own travel agency products & contracts.
  • Get results from multiple sources unified in a single request/response
  • Get products like air tickets, hotels or transfers from other Entrada™
  • Promote your own products and connections to about 6,000 Entrada™ affiliated, global travel agents and travel websites!
  • Create, save & update online customer quotations & trips including all above products and services.
  • Manage existing sales networks and create new sales channels.
  • Promote Entrada™ white-label products with wholesale prices, resell them to your clients as your own, adding your mark up and policies.
  • Customizable I-Frame or XML solution to create your own web site booking engine, with your own color theme and personal information.
  • Multilingual, B2B or B2C web site featuring complete worldwide travel services, online bookings and online credit card clearance.
  • Extensive reservation management system with detailed reporting and XML connections to third party back office systems.
  • Full online. All you need is a web browser

Products Today

  1. Hotels: manage your own contracted hotels or connect with major hotel wholesalers using your own agreements and rates.
  2. Air Tickets: SABRE Air Tickets from 700 airlines with the capability of two one way combinations to cover any potential request. Low cost and negotiated fares from more than 100 airlines worldwide.
  3. Transfers: manage your own transfers or connect to other transfer providers and get 10,000 Transfer services in 80 countries – 2,500 major cities.
  4. Flight+Hotel: combine the above modules into a dynamic package deal for your customers
  5. Packages: upload your own static packages, get other Entrada affiliate packages and resell them to your network
  6. Tours: upload your own tours or get tours from other major your suppliers
  7. Rent a car: from different wholesale suppliers like Atlas Choice, Ofran etc. in 180 countries and 8,500 locations.

Entrada™ Main Features

Product Major features


  • Upload your own contacted properties
    • Detailed descriptive information
    • Multiple rates, rooms, discount policies
    • Advanced availability options
  • Currency transformations
  • Different rates, policies, availability per POS
  • Connections with more than 20 external bed banks


  • Integration with Sabre with support for private and negotiated fares
  • Integration with Mystifly for private fares and low cost airlines
  • Advanced markup module for your private fares
  • Support of ticket combination (Scheduled + Low Cost) in one reservation
  • Multiple account integration in one search (Multiple iPCC’s)


  • Upload your own transfers and sell them to your network
  • Connection the A2B Transfers


  • Combine Flight+Hotel in one search response and get the best combinations with one price for your customers


  • Create and sell your own package deals (individual, group)
  • Full Multilanguage support
  • Add extras to your packages ( Supplements, Tours, etc)
  • Full online price calculation


  • Create and sell your own tours
  • Get tours from External Tour providers
  • Full Multilanguage support

Rent a Car

  • Connection with external car rental wholesalers to provide content in 180 countries and 8,500 locations.
  • Multilanguage support