Lead Finders

This is as simple as it sounds. The referral process is easy and transparent.

You provide a lead to Ahead and you get rewards when your lead converts to an Entrada Customer.

Referral fees can reach up to 20% commission.

When you provide the lead, Ahead RM sales teams manage the rest; such is following up on the lead, determining what is the best solution for the customer’s needs, closing the deal and servicing the customer. You can confidently rely on the expertise and speed of our sales teams to professionally and quickly engage with you throughout the referral process. With many of our leads closing, you can be assured that our teams are responsive and your efforts to procure leads are well rewarded.

There’s no cost to join the Entrada Referral Program, and Ahead RM bears the cost of the whole sale process -travelling, making presentations,-, as well as managing the Customer’s Account after the deal has been signed.