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18Jul 2017
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  Sabre is testing an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot with two corporate travel agencies, enabling their customers to interface with the bot for common service and support requests. Sabre’s chatbot leverages Microsoft Bot Framework and Microsoft Cognitive Services, including its Language Understanding Intelligent Service, which provides the tools to enable the bot to understand commands about […]

12Jun 2017
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Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword for 2017. AI has infiltrated industries as diverse as personal shopping, executive recruitment and medical diagnostics. Transformational fervor around AI has fizzled in the past, but AI-powered messaging platforms have energized innovation of late. Microsoft Harnesses Machine Learning for Sourcing “The only way that we can serve our travelers is […]

01Jun 2017
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New technology offers airlines’ guests the digital experience they’ve been seeking and expecting. For airlines, this is another step toward becoming expert retailers. For their customers, it means greater customer satisfaction. Not so long ago, the airline industry was focused primarily on ways to cut costs and increase efficiencies to effectively compete and ultimately stay […]

17Mar 2017
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The Entrada platform, through its integration with MyFareBox the leading B2B global airfare platform by Mystifly, incorporates Aegean Airlines and Olympic Airways into its exhaustive content from 750+ IATA and non-IATA airlines, including 180+LCCs. With this move, MyFareBox will now provide domestic fares that are not available to the major GDSs to all Entrada users. The […]