The Entrada travel reservation platform now encompasses new hotel unification features.

The Entrada users may find below available options among which can be chosen in order to achieve hotel result deduplication.


 Display between 1 to 5 cheapest hotel results

The user can define how many times (ranging from 1 to 5) the same hotel can be displayed based on the cheapest available price. The hotels are displayed with the corresponding static information provided by each supplier.

The photo below illustrates an example in which the single cheapest hotel result is chosen to be displayed.


 Consolidated unification of all hotel results

Complete hotel results unification is achieved through an innovative automated Entrada mechanism according to which the static information of one of the suppliers appears once and the room types of all suppliers are followed providing the user a “unified” hotel result searching experience.



About Entrada

Entrada is an online travel reservation platform that allows the users to buy, sell and distribute via Internet, all of their travel related products & services. It also offers a flexible and customizable B2B, B2C & B2B2C online booking engine which couples together schedules & LCC flights with various land services (hotels, transfers, packages, rental cars, etc.)  Currently there are more than 800000 online bookable hotels in our system, more than 10,000 transfer services in 80 countries & 2,500 major cities, rental cars in 180 countries & 10,500 locations, scheduled and private flight fares from Sabre and from more than 100 low-cost airlines.