We are in the pleasant position to inform you that a new feature concerning the Offline Modification of Transfers has been enabled in Entrada Administration.

This new feature can be found in the reservation’s view (see below screenshot):


The ability of modifying a transfer booking offline is supported only in case the affiliate is the source seller of the local transfer or the affiliate has a direct relationship with the external transfer supplier.

Furthermore, the modifications regarding the following fields are supported:

From – Τo Locations

Service Dates / Times

Pickup Dates / Times

Vehicle Name


Customer Info

Ground Agent Info

Moreover, the user has the option to add a Modification Fee that will be displayed to the whole sale chain but will not be added to the total price.The default currency of the fee is Euro and there is no option to modify it or add margin as it is only informational.

Additionally, a free text field is available for Notes (see below screenshot):


Once used, the modifications will be reflected in the corresponding reservation fields (via API as well) and will be displayed as Reservation Modifications and the initial reservation’s details will be no longer available (see below screenshot):


Each time a modification is made an automated email will be sent to the whole sale chain (Source Seller, Affiliate(s), Sub-affiliate).

In case the modification concerns a local transfer agreement and the Ground Agent’s field, the notification emails will be sent to the new email, provided that the email has been modified.

Finally, all modifications are available through EBE and API (see below screenshot):

Please contact us if you need any assistance in order to take advantage of all the new system features. 

About Entrada

Entrada is an online travel reservation platform that allows the users to buy, sell and distribute via Internet, all of their travel related products & services. It also offers a flexible and customizable B2B, B2C & B2B2C online booking engine which couples together schedules & LCC flights with various land services (hotels, transfers, packages, rental cars, etc.)  Currently, there are more than 800000 online bookable hotels in our system, more than 10,000 transfer services in 80 countries & 2,500 major cities, rental cars in 180 countries & 10,500 locations, scheduled and private flight fares from Sabre and from more than 100 low-cost airlines.