We are pleased to announce that we have implemented a new functionality in Entrada Platform, Secondary Credit Limit.This is addressed to  the sub affiliate level and it is related with  hotel services only. The main aim is to help the sub affiliates and their clients to make good use of their credit limit and not spend it for future reservations. The existing (primary) credit limit as well as its functionality remain the same.

Please bear in mind that, in order to activate the Secondary Credit Limit to a sub affiliate, the selection of Payment Method -> Credit Limit (not Credit Limit & Credit Card) is essential.

The cost of a hotel reservation will be subtracted based on sub affiliate setup and more specifically based on Service Start or Service End or Cancel Fees Start. Non-refundable reservations as well as reservations without online cancellation policy are excepted and their cost will be subtracted at the time of booking.

Therefore, the system will monitor all hotel reservations each day at midnight and based on sub affiliate setup will subtract the relevant amounts. In case the credit limit is less than 500 Euro (or any other currency) or negative, a Buyer Credit Limit Notification email will be sent to the accounting department and affiliate.

Additionally, the same procedure will be made for a range of 5 days and in case the credit limit is less than 500 Euro (or any other currency) or negative, a Buyer Future Credit Limit Notification email will be sent to accounting department and affiliate.

The Notification emails could be sent to the accounting email directly by adding the corresponding email to Accounting Email (Affiliate Settings) and the Reservations Email/s will be in cc. In case you do not add any email address, the notification will be sent to Reservations email/s only:


About Entrada

Entrada is an online travel reservation platform that allows the users to buy, sell and distribute via Internet, all of their travel related products & services. It also offers a flexible and customizable B2B, B2C & B2B2C online booking engine which couples together schedules & LCC flights with various land services (hotels, transfers, packages, rental cars, etc.)  Currently, there are more than 800000 online bookable hotels in our system, more than 10,000 transfer services in 80 countries & 2,500 major cities, rental cars in 180 countries & 10,500 locations, scheduled and private flight fares from Sabre and from more than 100 low-cost airlines.