Entrada team in order to meet the needs and advanced requests of its customers has developed a new  powerful module which appears during the hotel search.

The new Module has taken an important step forward in the general development of the new Booking Engine supporting travel consultants and customers during their search of accommodation all around the world with one more possibility. The Entrada users can look into hotels in cities all around the world by filtering their results according to specific landmarks and set the radius around which they want to stay.

This new module offers important advantages to its users as it decreases significantly the amount of time spent by the user to search and book the accommodation in the preferred destination/location and it is a valuable tool for business travelers who are not willing to waste money and time on transfer.

In the new Entrada booking Engine, the Entrada user – travel consultant can click on the places button


And access the below displayed search form in which the following options appear:

He can both click on the map and find the preferred place

Or he can write on the specific box the name of the landmark close to which he would like to book to stay

Additionally, the user is able to specify a radius (in meters) around the landmark he/she would like to stay. Further on, the results are displayed in a list view mode using which desired hotel within requested radius can be booked.


We hope you enjoy and find really helpful the new module!