WHL was born in 2000 and it is the leading company of Albatravel Group, part of a strategic expansion which led to the creation of an internal supply chain.In 2004 Worldwide Hotel Link managed to expand its markets, selling to major wholesalers in Europe and North America and major investments were made towards the technological developments of XML integrations

WHL is a wholesaler present in 4 countries, with 5 local offices: 2 in Italy (Rome and Venice), 1 in London, 1 in Madrid and 1 in Orlando. Our inventory currently counts over 5000 directly contracted hotels, meaning about 18000 contracts, mainly in European destinations: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, UK, Austria, and EAU, USA and Canada.

Their  main goal is to buy at the best guaranteed prices, thanks to WHL’s expertise and know-how and also to the ability to develop advanced technological systems that allow it to compete within the most important markets in the world.The corporate strategy is to expand into new markets such as the United States and the United Arab Emirates, strengthening their current position. A constant renegotiation of rates is supported by the staff of 18 buyers and 16 data entry of WHL’s offices.

WHL is also a member of RIPE (one of the five Regional Internet Registries that coordinates and supports the operations and the speed of data exchange via the Internet on a global level) which provides, recognizes and guarantees the growing technological support.