Our Company

 AHEAD Relationship Mediators S.A.
 (Net) Working Communities


Company Timeline

2000: AHEAD RM S.A. was established with an initial capital of 4 million by Costa Mare Shipping Corporation.

2013 November : AHEAD RM S.A. became a member of Lino Group of companies


What do we do?


Our company Specializes in innovative business solutions & services, especially in providing Internet Software Solutions & Online Services.


Ahead RM has developed an Innovative Product called the Entrada Platform.


ENTRADA is a central reservation and Travel Sales system. It is the complete platform for travel agents and tour operators. Through The Entrada you are able to buy and sell tourism services such as hotels, flights, transfers, rent a car, packages and tours. Getting The Entrada offers you the ability to connect to major suppliers and dmcs, upload and manage your own products, develop your own sales network for both B2C and B2B Sales and join a travel community of continuous growth.


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