Grecian Travel

Grecian Holdings is a group of companies active in the travel, hotel and real estate industries.  Given the high demand for excellent services and modern approaches, Grecian has been striving since its founding in 1974 to achieve the ideal balance between quality and value of the products and services it provides. Now, 4 decades later, they are happy to enjoy the hard-earned reputation of being one of the leading, forward-thinking organizations in the market of travel, destination and event management in Greece.


Their mission is to make their customers’ needs the first priority both on a personal and a corporate level, and cater to premier consulting using their elaborate network of coworkers and continued relations with airlines and hotel chains all around the world. In addition, they honor their contracted agreements with the most important suppliers in Greece and the biggest agents abroad as well as car rental brokers around the world. In this way, they add value across all aspects of your journey with emphasis on immaculate service, cutting-edge technology, modern-day policy, and last-minute supplier deals. This relationship has kept them at the forefront of the traveling business for 40 years of operation and they are striving to maintain this tradition going towards the future.