Le Concierge Travel Ltd

Le Concierge Travel” is there to assist you with an ultimate and customized travel. Our professionals will sit down with you and work together with you to assure and fulfill you needs during the trip. Wether its a business trip, family vacation, your next sports camp, rental car, coach bus excursion or just on the go flight ticket, we will make your trip as you like it. The assistance we provide does not end at the door step.Our live chat or phone lines are open 24/7. Our partnerships with other agencies are there for you duringyour trip. The name Le Concierge means exactly this: We will go above and beyond for you and do exactlywhat you wish and where you wish. Let us take care of you and know that you are in good hands!


“Le Concierge Travel” offers:

  • Corporate Travel
  • Air Travel
  • Rental Cars
  • Transfers + Bus excursions
  • Company Implants and B2B
  • Sport Camps
  • Loyalty Program
  • Travel Insurance
  • Special guides and professionals

Corporate Travel:

  • Packages for a company’s seminar, fundraising event, anniversary, or a celebration of success.
  • Conference rooms in high class properties.
  • Business class flight deals.
  • Leisure tours d business trip to relieve the stress and make the business traveler’s trip not only useful, but pleasant.
  • Working with the company’s budget and maintaining high class travel at the lowest price.
  • Hotels close to convention centers or summits.

Air Travel:

  • Charter Lines to key touristic destinations
  • Customizable flights worldwide
  • Guaranteed low prices with all major airlines including low-cost
  • Online reservations for booking a last minute trip


  • Our database includes over 700,000 hotels and villas worldwide.

Rental Cars:

  • Le Concierge Travel offers Rental Cars worldwide at great deals. Our global distributing systems has contracts with local rental car dealers which provide great deals for our travelers.

Transfers & Bus excursions:

  • We offer shuttle busses from almost every airport in the world as well as bus excursion from city to city or even country to country worldwide! We want to ensure our customer that he has a full package of services throughout his whole journey!


  • We offer mid to big-big size companies an option to have their own account in our online platform where they will be able to book their trip directly with a a company discounted price! This technique will minimize labor and also make it more convenient for the customer to book! This way a company’s trip organizer will have over 700,000 hotels, airlines at his hands 24/7 and will be able to choose the service they like most! The discount for the particular company will be discussed when a contract is formulated.
  • Our B2B concept allows other travel agencies to integrate to our platform and sell our services! this way we reach our partners markets and earn commissions.