Ahead RM proudly announces that has taken its Networking Concept to the next level offering new possibilities to the affiliate users.

 The new Entrada networking module provides unprecedented opportunities to get the word out about your company and your products. It enables you to discover  potential connections with other   Entrada  Affiliates in order to expand your network either for selling your products (flights, hotels, car rentals, transfers etc.) or buying more products to sell. Moreover, automatically you have the opportunity to advertise yourself and your products in an expanding network of over 50 professional travel agents, tour operators and DMCs   globally.

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In a nutshell the Entrada Network offers you the following features:

  •   Gain the opportunity of creating your company’s profile and make your business known in the tourism industry all over the world


  • Get the chance to exchange messages with other affiliates facilitating in this way your collaboration and the exchange of products.

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  •  Connect with each other either as a buyer or as a supplier building up your business in all possible ways.

connect as a supplier or buyer

Join today the Entrada network and get advantage of the benefits of the networking module that the platform may offer you as well as the advantage of connecting with other affiliates who can become your own providers as well as your own clients.


About Entrada

Entrada is an online travel reservation platform that allows the users to buy, sell and distribute via Internet, all of their travel related products & services. It also offers a flexible and customizable B2B, B2C & B2B2C online booking engine which couples together schedules & LCC flights with various land services (hotels, transfers, packages, rental cars, etc.)  Currently there are more than 800000 online bookable hotels in our system, more than 10,000 transfer services in 80 countries & 2,500 major cities, rental cars in 180 countries & 10,500 locations, scheduled and private flight fares from Sabre and from more than 100 low-cost airlines.