As Entrada Travel Sales System Technology is continuously improving, we proudly announce that Hotels Pro, a global hotel supplier, integrated in the  Entrada platform has  launched a new generation search and booking API, Coral. Aggregating and consolidating a global inventory from company’s wide range of contracted hotel suppliers, the brand new Coral API allows clients to search and book the best available hotels with the lowest prices while minimizing the booking errors and price discrepancies.

Providing simple access to a complex data by smooth integration and a cache with high accuracy in rates and availability, Coral puts no limit on search results. Being faster and lighter than ever along with its distinctive features such as benefit from wholesale prices, check availability function, search by single and multiple hotel codes, geo location and destination, Coral handles multiple issues at once by removing the complexity of multiple integrations. With its ability of scaling up to billions of API calls (monthly), Coral also draws attention to its distributed architecture that leaves no room for any single point of failure.

Hotels Pro Coral API main features are summarized below:

*1 second average response time

*95% of requests are answered within 6 seconds

*High cache reliability

*Single hotel, multiple hotel, destination and geo searches are available

*Cancellation policy in search responses (according to supplier)

*Required provision step to minimize possible booking errors

*500K+ hotel inventory and high quality images

*Static data translations in 26 languages. (Fields such as hotel name, destination name and region name fields)

*Static api to dynamically update inventory

*Mapping service based on your inventory

                                                                                 We hope you enjoy the New API!